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unlawul detainer forms in michigan

Get the free unlawul detainer forms in michigan 2012

Approved, SCAO Original - Officer return 1st copy - Court 2nd copy - Defendant 3rd copy - Plaintiff STATE OF MICHIGAN JUDICIAL DISTRICT Court address APPLICATION AND ORDER OF EVICTION Landlord-Tenant
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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing unlawul detainer forms in michigan
Welcome to the rental property owners association of Kent County short instructional video on how to begin an eviction for non-payment of rent following presentation is informational only should not be considered legal or financial advice please seek the counsel of an attorney for legal advice or a certified public accountant for financial guidance we also note that this presentation is only for evictions for non-payment of rent should not be used for other types of evictions there are four general steps to the eviction process for non-payment of rent this presentation will cover step 1 setting the proper legal notice to your tenant other steps include filing the complaint in district court court hearing and if necessary the physical eviction of your tenant from the rental unit starting an eviction for non-payment of rent requires the use of the proper form to send notice to the tenant this form is called the demand for possession non-payment of rent form this form is sometimes called the seven-day notice to quit for non-payment however the form you must use is the demand for possession for non-payment of rent form make sure you use the correct form the main form can be found in many locations including the rpy office in Grand Rapids Michigan Court administrator's website order district court near you please keep in mind that some courts will not accept the forms that are completed online please check with your local district court to make sure let's get started by showing the actual form and how it's completed I'm going to go to the State Court administrator's website this is a copy of the complete form top part of the form is for the tenants mailing address second box in the form is for the landlord's name third box for the amount of rent owed in the fourth box underneath the landlord's name is for the actual description and address of the actual rent rental unit if it's different from the tenants mailing address the next box is for the a date that the form is actually served in the box below that is for the landlord's address and the landlord's telephone number let's take a closer look at the form here's that top box tennis names we're using a Tom C Tennant and Nancy Tennant you also notice we put more language here called all other occupants this is to ensure through anyone else living in the rental unit they'll be evicted as well and also note that we've used the tenants mailing address not the actual address of the rental unit here's the landlord's name in this particular case landlord LLC also here's the amount of rent owed here's a description of the actual rental unit here's the actual address with a little bit more description this particular case upper unit as you can see apartment one might be confused for the lower units so in this particular case we've identified that it is the upper unit you may need to know this at a future time when the actual physical eviction occurs so the court officer goes to the correct unit here's the box...
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